About Us

At The Crest we offer Modern Appalachian Fare. Our growing seasons are bountiful and exciting, but they are fleeting. Using our favorite ingredients into the next season and beyond, means tapping into Old World methods of pickling, curing, and preserving. 

 Through our greenhouse and our nearby farmers, we are working to revive heritage produce and livestock. Once staples of our region, they’ve fallen out of favor in the rush to easy profitability, despite the superior nourishment they provide. We forage and harvest non-cultivated ingredients to highlight the usefulness, unique flavors and nutrition of our fields and forests. 

Our food and beverage menus work in unity, drawing inspiration from the odds and ends of one dish, another is born. In this way we diminish our waste, and expand our creative landscape.


Tyler Loomis
General Manager
Jon Gruseck
Executive Chef
Eleanor Ankrom
Bar Manager
Collin Minnis
Beverage + Operations Director
Justin Wotring